What Remains: Japanese Americans in Internment Camps

Poems by Margaret Chula
Quilts by Cathy Erickson

The quilts and poems in What Remains: Japanese Americans in Internment Camps offer visual and poetic insight into this period in history. Each poem speaks in the voice of a Japanese American imprisoned during World War II.  The stories, inspirations, and quilt techniques that led to Margaret Chula and Cathy Erickson’s creations are also included in the book.

‘This is truly a beautiful, remarkable achievement—two artists bringing history to life through visionary quilts and insightful writings. Thank you, Cathy and Margaret!’ (Lawson Fusao Inada, Poet Laureate of Oregon, author of Only What We Could Carry)

‘Cathy Erickson's quilts, combined with Margaret Chula's luminous poems, evoke emotions of rage, regret, confusion, sadness, resignation and ultimately hope. The juxtaposition of poem and art play off each other like mirrors. My eyes and mind bounced back and forth between words and cloth, multiplying the emotional effect of each. Each poem illuminates its corresponding quilt; each quilt embodies the soul of its poem. (Colleen Wise, Casting Shadows: Creating Visual Depth in Your Quilts)

Full color, 108 pages
8.5 X 11 with French folds
ISBN: 978-0-9638551-1-4
24.95 + $3 s/h

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P. O. Box 10584
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