Cathy Erickson has a Masters degree in chemistry from Purdue University.  Her early creative adventures consisted of stained glass projects and gardening.  She made her first quilt in 1996 while waiting for her daughter during dance class. Starting in 2000, Cathy began taking art classes at the local community college and is close to having an associate degree in graphic design.  In 2002, inspired by a class taken from Kitty Pippen, she began making art quilts using Japanese-style fabrics. That same year she met Margaret Chula and together they created a series of quilts and poetry inspired by the stories and photos of Japanese Americans in internment camps in the 1940’s. Since that time Cathy has been using poetry for inspiration on all her pieces.  

When not working or quilting, Cathy enjoys the wonderful views from her house of Mount Hood and the Columbia River. Friends include her many quilt friends and of course her cat, Sunny, who must approve of every quilt before it is finished.

Sunny in the backyard garden.


Art Quilts and Poetry on Japanese Americans in Internment Camps
Quilts by Cathy Erickson
Poetry by Margaret Chula

In the 1940’s over 120,000 Japanese Americans were imprisoned in internment camps.  From the newborn baby to the aging grandfather, all their lives were changed dramatically.  Now only photos, stories, and rock rubble remain of the time.  The art quilts and poetry in this series try to capture the spirit of what remains over sixty years later.

What started as two people, a poet and a quilter, creating a single poem and quilt for the Visual Verse project by the Contemporary QuiltArt Association, has changed and grown over the past six years.   Many hours were logged doing research before the first word was written or the first piece of fabric was cut.    The challenges, of two people working together, have been revealing and rewarding.  ---Cathy Erickson

Collaboration is like a mirror that shows each artist not just a mimicry of her work but reflects a subtlety that she was not able to see before.  The words of the poem allow the quilt artist to look deeper into the fabric of her creation to see the layers that were not visible before.  For the poet, words take on texture, color linear rhythm—a rhythm of lines and shapes rather than iambs.  The sum of the piece becomes more than itself.  ---Margaret Chula


Three quilts, and their accompanying poems, were juried by quilt artist Michael James and poet Hilda Raz
into the traveling exhibition Visual Verse: Collaborations in Poetry and Cloth.

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An early morning photograph of Mount Hood
in the distance from my quilt room.
Contemporary QuiltArt Association
Japanese American National Museum
Portland Japanese Garden
Japanese American Relocation Digital Archives
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