For the past few years I have been fascinated by the patterns formed by rocks in Japanese gardens…how beauty
can be created with so little.   With these quilts I have tried to capture the interplay that occurs
between the plants and rocks in the garden. 

Photograph of the stone steps that still remain from the hospital garden to the hospital at Manzanar in 2005.  This photograph was taken by myself and is the inspiration for Steps.

Steps - 48.5" x 40"
Machine quilting by Mary Arnold and Cathy Erickson.

Photograph of stepping stones in a quiet corner of the Portland Japanese Garden. Each September at the traditional Japanese celebration of Moon Viewing, a full moon rises from behind Mount Hood.  When it first comes up, it is very red in color. 

Stepping Stones - 24" x 36"

A yukimi lantern is often called a snow-viewing lantern because it captures the snowfall on its large top.  That is often when it is said that this lantern represents all that is pure and simple in design.

Yukimi Lantern - 20" x 34"